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Course Overview

Legal practice in the Nigerian legal profession has evolved to what may now be referred to as “Written Advocacy”. The adversarial form of the litigation in the country requires in almost all the cases that parties be put on notice through written court processes that are collectively referred to as pleadings i.e. formal presentation of claims and defences by parties in a suit. Hence the role of well drafted pleadings, addresses and legal opinions in legal practice should not be underestimated. As rightly noted by Lord Denning, “No matter how sound your reasoning is, if it is presented in a dull and turgid setting, your readers will flick over the pages. But if it is presented in a lively and attractive setting, they will sit up and take notice. They will listen as if spellbound. They will read you with engrossment.”

Course Objective

The purpose of this training is to provide participants with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how best to draft pleadings, addresses and legal opinions that are clear, concise, engaging and convincing at the same time get the parties engrossed.

Who Should Attend Legal Practitioners (Practicing Lawyers, In-house, Corporate and General Counsel)
Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Time: 9.00am prompt
Venue: Lagos Court of Arbitration (LCA), 1A, Remi Olowude, 2nd Roundabout, Lekki/Epe Expressway, Lekki, Lagos  
Course Fee:
₦75, 000 (Seventy Five Thousand Naira) Non- Refundable 10% Discount offer:

At the end of the training, participants would be able to write succinctly without being superfluous but with an appropriate level of detail that should be able to convey the client’s positions in a compelling manner. The training aims at equipping participants with:

  • exceptional writing skill to properly define the legal issue at stake;
  • logically organise their pleadings, written addresses or legal opinions and make them easy to follow; and
  • to address genuine issues in the case.
Course Outline
    • Modern Trends and Requirements for Drafting Pleadings and Briefs
    • Reconciling the conflict between Written Briefs and Advocacy
    • Comparative consideration of Rules of Dynamics of Pleadings & Written Addresses
    • Types, Skills and Rules of Legal Opinions
    • The power of framing: Guide to formulation of issues for determination
    • Group Registration (3 or more participants from same organisation)
    • Early bird registration (on or before January 29, 2018)
      Please note: Only one category is applicable and prior registration is mandatory.

  • Payment Details
    Account Name: Commercial Law Development Services Ltd.
    Account Number: 1013480117
    Bank: Zenith Bank Plc
    Cheque in favour of “Commercial Law Development Services Ltd”