About Us

Commercial Law Development Services Ltd (CLDS) is a frontline legal and professional development organization that provides legal and relevant business related trainings. Building on extensive experience and research in legal issues, it offers trainings to legal managers, in-house counsel, general legal practitioners in the private and public sector. Its clientele spans across the Banking, Energy, Information Technology, Maritime and Transport, Power and Oil and Gas sectors.

CLDS also publish books and journals that provide in-depth information and advanced knowledge in business and law drawn from its rich and dynamic academic and practical experiences.

CLDS works in alliance with many professionals in various business establishments to provide a platform for the acquisition of practical skill to a group of managers, in- house counsel, supervisors and decision makers in corporate organizations.

CLDS is therefore engaged in focused professional development training in the areas of:

Mission Statement:

To be the leading commercial law support, research and publishing service provider in Nigeria.


To equip professionals, particularly legal counsels (in-house and private practitioners) with the skills necessary to meet the legal demands of modern commerce and to acquaint.


At Commercial Law Development Services – CLDS, we recognize the complex and dynamic nature of conducting business in a developing economy. We also understand the challenges businesses face trying to navigate through changes in laws, policies, and regulations; as a result, we provide advisory, coaching and mentoring services to individuals and corporate firms. We provide our clients with insights and guidance that will assist them in dealing with the business challenges and also proffer solution that will enable them improve their business performance and turning their legal risks into opportunities.

CLDS offers the full resources of editorial, design and publishing expertise to come up with high quality publication for its diverse clientele. We are committed to providing excellent and comprehensive publishing services to our clients.

CLDS conducts extensive research, which forms the basis of its rich curriculum and trainings. Through its research work, CLDS also addresses topical issues bordering on arbitration, commerce and corporate governance and in relation to law. In addition, its publication proffers solution to challenges faced by businesses in a developing economy. Some of its publications are: “Trade & Investments in Nigeria: Legal & Regulatory Aspects, Commercial Arbitration in Nigeria: Law & Practice, Corporate Governance in Nigeria: Law &Practice, Corporate Governance & Group Dynamics, Law & Society, Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Commerce, Fair Hearing, Mergers & Acquisition in Nigeria: Law & Practice, and Petroleum Law &Sustainable Development”.

CLDS offers trainings that border on legal and business related issues. These trainings have been designed to benefit both legal and non-legal personnel. Our faculty is drawn from industry experts with vast experience in legal risk management to provide business, individuals and organizations with the desired results.

The objective of our training is to equip professionals, managers, business owners and decision makers with the skills necessary to meet the legal demands of business and acquaint them with tools required to manage legal issues impacting business decision. Areas covered include Alternative Dispute Resolution, Pleadings, Written Addresses & Legal Opinions, Corporate Governance, Legal Risk Management, Litigation Management, Negotiation, Strategic Deal Management in Commercial Transactions, Strategic Guidance for Business Establishments amongst others Our trainings are categorised as follows: Customised trainings: Our customised trainings are tailored to address peculiar organisation, industry or sector needs. It is aimed at providing strategic business solutions required in mitigating legal risk and management. This training is designed using the clients’ goal towards achieving maximum results. Open enrolment: CLDS’s open enrolment trainings are designed to equip individuals (company secretaries, legal managers, in-house counsels, general legal practitioners) and businesses with the skills and tools required to understand the legal intricacies involved in commercial transactions. Seminars/Workshops: We also organise seminars and workshops aimed at discussing industry specific topic as it relates to commercial law. CLDS’ seminars and workshops are designed to be very stimulating and interactive. Through our seasoned and experienced faculty, participants gain skills aimed at career development, personal and professional growth. These intensive information and skill acquisition exercises are meant for very busy executives desirous of information and networks for business development and growth.