JCL – Call for Submission

The Journal of Commercial Law, a publication of the Commercial Law Development Services, is the pioneer commercial law journal in Nigeria. It is a refereed journal in the field of Commercial Law that provides an in-depth discussion of current developments and topical issues in all areas of commercial law. It also aims to promote the effective practice of commercial law within and outside Nigeria.

The Journal of Commercial Law welcomes submission of articles from potential contributors. Articles should deal with commercial law and issues relating to it and must be well researched and found to be of acceptable national and international standards. Articles should be between 2,500-10,000 words, although submissions may be considered if they are below or above the word length. Articles should break new ground on commercial law and provide in-depth analysis of current developments in commercial law. All articles should be sent to publications@clds-ng.com

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The Editorial Board

Chairman Research Committee Commercial Law Development Services Victoria Island, Lagos

Head of Department Department of Customary and Indigenous Law University of Nigeria Enugu Campus

Ajogwu & Ajogwu Chambers Enugu

Associate Partner Kenna Partners Oniru, Lagos

Senior Associate Kenna Partners Oniru, Lagos


In addition to observing the Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities, contributors to the Journal of Commercial Law (JCL) must be guided by the following standards: